Tyner & Associates, Inc.

Companies such as GE, Merck, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Kodak, Shell Oil, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pfizer and others have benefited from the executive coaching and leadership consulting of Tyner & Associates, Inc. We are results-oriented and believe in measuring the effectiveness of our solutions. Our clients’ needs and desired outcomes are our greatest concern. We take tremendous pride in partnering with them to develop creative leadership strategies, solutions, processes and tools that enhance their effectiveness, exceed their expectations and impact their profitability.

Formed in 1998, Tyner & Associates' professionals have broad and deep experience working with multi-national companies. We believe in the value of diverse perspectives and recognize the need for understanding and navigating within different cultural contexts. Our consultants have worked successfully in the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico and the United States. Industries where we have experience include: Manufacturing, Finance/Banking, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Technology, Security, Aerospace, Textiles, Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Mining & Minerals, and Staffing.